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We now present to you the software you have been waiting for. ScholarKeys comes with all in one ERP solution for your Educational Institutes that will reshape the teaching and learning experience.

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About ScholarKeys

A little about ScholarKeys and what we plan to do

In today’s tug of war between School ERP software, we offer a solution that not only manages your school but also adds on to a quality of interactive learning opportunity to the future of our Country… and that is your students.

ScholarKeys itself is a story behind our mission. Provide a platform for higher learning. Yes, we aim to deliver that key to Scholars not just by selling the software that manages your schooling transaction but to provide a platform that will reshape the education system for productive learning.

But... can software do that? As it turns out, we just did.

Who is this for?


Students get to learn with full productivity


Teaching has never been so easy


Stay updated with your child’s performance


Manage your entire educational institutions


Manage your financial transaction with ease


Be the book guardian you are meant to be


Managing the invoice is easy


Stay up to date with your school's maintenance

Why ScholarKeys?

With multifunctional modules available for innovative learning, ScholarKeys provides an amazing platform which bridges the gaps between Learners, Educators and Parents for better learning experience. ScholarKeys will help you manage your educational institutes with our futuristic modules and game changing approach for education industry. Unlike others, ScholarKeys facilitates on providing an efficient management and productive schooling.

Make learning and teaching easy to everyone with ScholarKeys.

Our Modules

ScholarKeys is feature-packed and covers all the services a school might need

Custom-Built Dashboard

Why limit what you can see on your dashboard? You can choose what you want to see and focus on what is important to you. gone are those days where Software determines your limit.

Notice Board

Share your news with your teachers and students with our Notice Board module where you can update and publish all the educational institute news to your users.

Virtual Class

With our virtual class management system, arrange and schedule a live class with your students where learning can be both effective and productive.

Routine Management System

Manage the daily school routine of class time table with ease & allocate the subjects to the teachers effortlessly. Class routine is easily accessible to all the teachers.

In Chat module

ScholarKeys offers platform to communicate within employees with ease. Not just one to one but also group messaging has been made easy with our instant messaging system.

Batch Management

ScholarKeys presents a platform to manage the batch of entire institute & assign class teachers based on privileges. Class teachers can easily assign roll numbers to their students.

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Special Features

How ScholarKeys stands out from the rest of the competition


Buckle up learners and educators as ScholarKeys brings you a Curriculum module where we want our nation to be part of a revolutionized learning platform. Yes, you heard it right. We ScholarKeys are coming up with an online Curriculum platform where teachers as well as students benefit greatly from what we like to call a game changing education system.

  • Teacher handbook(study guide curriculum)
  • Assessment curriculum
  • Evaluation curriculum

Virtual library

Now let's talk Books. Nobody wants to visit a library and get a dusted book to read. That was a long, long time ago. How about going over to an internet and downloading the book you want? You like that, don’t you? Good… cause ScholarKeys brings you a Virtual Library module where people who love reading books can visit and download directly on their computing device. Read your favorite books, anywhere, anytime. Because there are more treasures in books than in all the pirate’s loot.

  • Download eBook anywhere
  • Choose from hundreds of topic to read
  • Be a part of our eLearning community

Live Classroom

Yes, it is just like a regular classroom, everything remains the way it is. The only difference is: a Live classroom uses technology to support instruction and learning. What are the advantages of LIve classrooms? It offers more flexibility over a traditional classroom. Both the educators and learners have rich experience of collaboration. Now experience a new way of learning and educating with ScholarKeys.

  • Scheduled live classes as per school routine and curriculum
  • Interactive sessions and two-way communication

Live Support

Behind this great innovative e-learning platform stands a great team of experts who are always ready to help you when you run into any problems. We are here to solve your query. Reach out to us on information below. teract with your students directly and start communicating. Do you want to IM parents too? Well, ScholarKeys does that too.

  • +977-9802320805

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