About Scholar Keys

ScholarKeys comes with all in one ERP solution for your Educational Institutes that will reshape the teaching and learning experience.

The Vision

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of business took a drastic hit on the market. With that came, lack in taking the academic year of children further. We asked ourselves!!! If people can work from home and get productivity out of their work, why can’t we do that with the education system? Behind every successful work from home campaign is a platform where all the team can collaborate. Likewise with ScholarKeys, we are creating a platform for the education system to pull off “study from home” effectively and make the most out of technology. We can all agree to the fact that with technology taking over, virtual learning is key to changing how we teach and learn. Now ScholarKeys brings you an e-learning platform where we bring education and technology hand in hand.

Key Mission

We want our nation to be prepared with whatever the world has to offer. Even post pandemic, we can never be sure that this won’t happen again? Our ultimate vision with ScholarKeys is to provide our nation with all in one platform where learning and teaching can both be productive and effective. In the nation full of school management software, we want to provide the education system a platform for higher learning and innovative collaboration.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Amazing features of ScholarKeys

  • Interactive courses, lectures, and assignments
  • Interactive Dashboard that notifies students, teachers, administrators and guardians
  • Forums to discuss difficulties students encounter in assignments
  • Monitor students’ progress easily
  • Conducting examinations, grading students, and handing our reports was never smoother
  • Provides teachers with a greater license to design new curriculum