Instead of a National curriculum for education, what we really need is an individual curriculum for every child.

Key Mission

What ScholarKeys believes is, we should never judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Having said that, we are coming up with a curriculum module that not only allows Educational institutes to prepare curriculum based on their education system, but also present our education system with a curriculum that will reshape the learning experience. Curriculum module allows you to connect with students and their parents to seamlessly collaborate and check the assignments in one platform. Now talk about one stop solution, think ScholarKeys.

The future of ScholarKeys & its Curriculum

ScholarKeys is finalizing the content and information for the ScholarKeys Curriculum, so please feel free to check back again soon.

That being said, we are planning to list out other forms of curriculum as well in a later date. The curricula that we will be adding in the near future are as follows -

  • Study Curriculum
  • Assessment Curriculum
  • Evaluation Curriculum

Stay Updated

If you want to stay updated with our plans with the Curriculum and how it will evolve in the future, feel free to drop your email down below -

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Thank you for wishing to stay updated. We will get let you know once the curriculum is updated.