Global Virtual Library

We have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a Library.

ScholarKeys brings you a Global Virtual Library where you can get access to all kinds of reading materials online in one platform. With technology taking a huge part in changing all kinds of business, we can only imagine a day when reading a book can be as easy as reading an article online. Global Virtual Library offers you a wide range of book collection in different topics that you might like. Now you can directly sign up, start surfing and download your favorite book and start reading.

Why Global Virtual Library?

Global Virtual Library offers you an easy accessible platform for easy learning. Now your education institutes can directly upload course books for your students and help them get access remotely. Not only that, ScholarKeys is providing books from many different platforms in one module so our children can expand their book learning habit. With an intuitive User Interface, students can easily explore their interest, download and start reading.

We are undergoing GVL setup, stay tuned because it’s coming soon!