Our Feature-rich Modules

ScholarKeys system has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently.

We know and understand that your school or institution has a lot of moving parts that are equally important to smoothly run your day to day tasks. To reflect all of those features in ScholarKeys, we've spent years building and adding modules to our roster to perfect our all in one ERP solution, just for you. Our current build has a wide range of modules that you will get access to, that will help everyone in your school or institution, from teachers, receptionists, accountants, studnets to parents as well. Feel free to browse through our modules to see why we're the best in class.

Featured Modules

Custom-Built Dashboard

Why limit what you can see on your dashboard? Now with ScholarKeys, you can choose what you want to see and focus on what is important to you because gone are those days where Software determines your limit. We want our user to be able to control their dashboard on their relevant topic and leave what is not necessary.

Notice Board (News Management)

Share your news with your teachers and students with our Notice Board module where you can update and publish all the educational institute news to your users. Now communication is as simple as having everyone in the same room. With notice board module update your employees, students and teachers with what you have to share.

Virtual Class

With our virtual class management system, arrange and schedule a live class with your students where learning can be both effective and productive. With technology taking over, we want our users to experience the next level of teaching and learning experience.

Routine Management System

Manage the daily school routine of class time table with ease and allocate the subjects to the teachers effortlessly. Now class routine is easily accessible to all the respective teachers or teachers and managing routine is not as hard as it seems.

In Chat Module

ScholarKeys offers platform to communicate within employees with ease. Not just one to one but also group messaging has been made easy. With our instant messaging system, create class groups and interact with your students directly and start communicating.

Batch Management

ScholarKeys presents a platform to easily manage the batch of entire institute and assign class teachers based on privileges. With this module, Class teachers can easily assign roll numbers to their students and record their profile.

Core Modules

Attendance Management System

Roll number 1... present teacher. That was old school, now with ScholarKeys manage the entire classrooms attendance digitally and leave the fear of losing attendance book to amateur. With attendance management system, you can now stay updated with student’s attendance in one place.

Fee Management System

Record and collect fees with ScholarKeys fee management system and maintain a record of every student. Now you can directly check reports on whose students fees are due and post a late fee as per your institute’s policy. Manage, record and alert fee of student with ease with this module.

Exam Management System

Get rid of unnecessary papers wastage and go digital with ScholarKeys exam management system. With this module, teachers can schedule exams, grade student and manage report card from one dashboard for proper data management. Now students will be able to check their report cards in one single click with ScholarKeys.

School Vehicle Management

Oh no, we do not manage your vehicle. What we do is we will manage all the route and entire transportation operation. This module not only manages routes but also allows you to update the stop which can be created batch wise and generate invoice to respective bus students directly from ScholarKeys School vehicle management system.

Students and Parents Login

Now both Students and parents can stay updated with their children’s progress with their respective login and track their academic progress and communicate with their teachers with ease to upgrade their learning capabilities. Want to see how your child is studying? It’s in your hand.

Calendar Module

Nobody has time to run into the wall and check calendar and circle the event only to forget what day it was scheduled. Now with ScholarKeys Calendar Module, administration can manage and update special event on our calendar module so all the employees and students are well aware of the special event that will take place.

SMS Notification

Get notified right away about the latest update with ScholarKeys SMS notification system. Now notifying everyone and bridging the gap is easy with ScholarKeys SMS notification module.

Email Notification

Now automate your official email to the recipient and update every special event to results with ease. What more can be official than notifying your users via an email? Its easy with ScholarKeys email notification system.

Library Management System

Why note it down on paper when ScholarKeys provides a platform to maintain the book record digitally. Now fear of missing out record is gone. Easily manage issued book, late fees and integrate with barcode scanning for easy data record. Not only that, students can stay updated with the books they have received and know when to return it back with their respective dashboard.

Employee and Teacher Login

ScholarKeys brings employees and teacher login platform to the teachers and employees so they can manage their daily tasks, class routines and other essential module as per user restriction control.

Data Backup and Recovery

As an IT service provider, we know the value of data and its importance. With our Cloud based web solution ERP, we back you up and provide you the facility to sleep sound and not fear about losing your data. So sit back while ScholarKeys will take care of your database.

Forum / Discussion

With community module, be a part of forum and discussion to interact with fellow members and exchange ideas with one another. ScholarKeys community will not only connect everyone but also adds on the benefit to share your thoughts by posting a comment and messages.

Behavior Tracking

Now your discipline in-charge does not need to worry about losing a complaint file. With Behavior tracking system, you can now directly file complaints and maintain perfect record of all the students and their behaviors in your institute. Not just students, we can also record your teachers record so you can be well aware of how your fellow employees are behaving too.


ScholarKeys knows the value of every transaction that goes in your institution. Thus, we provide our audit module which allows the administrator to check and audit every transaction to make sure the data are not being misused. Get audit trial report and stay up to date with every transaction that goes in your ERP software.

Custom Report

Nobody wants a rigid fixed report where you cannot make changes to the report you want to see. Now ScholarKeys provides you the option to custom build report that not only matches your preference, but also saves time while reporting to your administrator.

Digital Admission

Student admission process has always been a chaotic and time-consuming process. Manually managing the admission procedure is an overwhelming task for the school’s administration, and sometimes leading to human error. Using ScholarKeys, schools can digitize the whole operation and improve the efficiency of the administration.

Assignment Submission and Evaluation

Collaborate with your students with Assignment submission in one place and experience a new way of learning with ScholarKeys. Now teachers and students can work on homeworks in one collective place where everyone can collaborate with more effective learning experiences.

Online examinations

ScholarKeys provides an online examination platform where educational institutes can conduct an online examination for students. You can also create a report card and track students progress which can also allow you to conduct a skilled based examination for better results.


Create polls to get feedback from everyone for better understanding on any given topic. This feature helps you get a better glimpse on any subject and take an informed decision.

Financial Daily Book Record

Maintain Financial book of daily income and daily expenses with Day book feature and track your Daily monetary transaction. We are also coming up with a full fledged accounting software soon.

Mark Sheet Printing

ScholarKeys gives you a feature to generate report cards and mark sheets based on examination. This allows teachers, students and parents to track their progress through their individual login.

This is not it. We are getting better.

Features coming on ScholarKey version 2.0

  • Hostel Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Live Classroom integration
  • Online Classes schedules aligned with curriculum
  • Attendance Report
  • Exam Schedule Report
  • Online Exam Report
  • Routine Report
  • Terminal Report
  • ID Card and Admit Card along with report
  • Mark sheet and Certificate report
  • Fees and Dues Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Payroll Management
  • Assets Management
  • Transport Management and integration with fees report
  • Managed Academic session
  • Advanced Dashboard with multiple statistics, widgets and notifications
  • User roles permissions management system
  • Can be used make as many roles per requirement
  • Media center for sharing files, videos, etc.
  • Improvised SMS and Email notifications
  • Absent student SMS/Email send option
  • General Front-end settings
  • Front-desk Feature
  • Payment Gateways Integration